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corner of the earth

little darling, don't you see the sun is shining just for you?

Samantha Explosion
3 April 1980
Bio in 30 words:

Australian ex-pat living in Arkansas with one cute husband and two crazy cats. Loves Jamiroquai, travel, trashy YA books. Pinko commie bastard. Functioning dysfunctional woman. Likes to do drawings.

Generally unused and unloved other LJs:

whatidrewtoday :: drawing journal, supposed to make me draw more
stormwatch :: writing journal, established a zillion years ago to make me write more
orangesodacrush :: gratitude journal, supposed to make me be more grateful

80s music, 80s sitcoms, adam sandler movies, al gore, alaska, alton brown, amélie, angels, argyle, australia, australian movies, barack obama, bears, being married, being off-topic, bill clinton, birthdays, bj & tyler, blue six, books, booze, brak, buffy, cafe du monde, canadians, cardigans, cats, celebrity gossip, chandler bing, charles foster ofdensen, cibo matto, civil rights, colorado, comedy, cuddles, dane cook, degrassi the next generation, democrats, denver, dethklok, disco, donnie darko, downtempo, dr. zoidberg, drawing, dream theater, dysfunctional families, eating disorders, encino man, family guy, friends, fruit, funk, futurama, fuzzy sweaters, getting better, ginger, glowsticks, god, graceland, grocery shopping, hall and oates, homestar runner, hoodies, horror movies, infomercials, ipod shuffles, jamiroquai, jay kay, jazz, jeff buckley, jesus confusion, jewel, joe satriani, journalling, keanu reeves, kevyn aucoin, kittens, knitting, kylie minogue, laughing, lemonade, libraries, lightswitch raves, love, mallrats, mary engelbreit, matthew perry, melbourne, metalocalypse, movies, my husband, nathan explosion, nevermore, new orleans, nighttime, non-english-language movies, northern exposure, notebooks, pajama pants, paper journals, passports, pencils, pens, pickles the drummer, pinko commie bastards, po' boys, popeyes, pretty pictures, rain, reading, red beans and rice, road trips, rose is rose, sarcasm, seth green, seth macfarlane, skwisgaar skwigelf, snow, socks, soup, south australia, sparkly things, star shapes, stars, staying up late, storms, sudoku, sushi, teaspoons, the little mermaid, thunder, ticket stubs, toki wartooth, tomato nation, travel, vegemite, vegetables, volkswagens, water, william murderface, winter, yngwie fucking malmsteen, yoga, young adult fiction, zazz, zombie movies, zombies